Traditional Leg Ham on the Bone?
Premium Boneless leg Ham?
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Traditional Leg Ham on the Bone
It is cured using the finest of herbs and spices to create a unique flavour profile exclusive to Hansa. Our hams are then gently smoked using beech wood and then cooked in our state of the art facilities under the watchful control of our team of smallgoods makers. Hams are then taken from the cooking chamber to a controlled cooling process and them vacuum packed ready for you to enjoy.
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Hansa's Traditional Leg Ham on the bone is crafted form select Premium Australian Pork sourced from central Victoria.
Premium Boneless Leg Ham
Our boneless leg ham begins with selected premium Australian pork leg boned and trimmed to size. It is then cured using a blend of traditional European spices and cures to create a unique flavour profile. The ham is then smoked using beech woodchips and then cooked, cooled and vacuum packed ready for you. 

Our Premium Boneless Leg Ham is available in two sizes.
Watch our Experts advice and steps to Glaze your own ham that will impress everyone!

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